Travel Management System

Your Comprehensive Planning Expert
The Best Tool for Easy Tour Creation and Cost Control

As a travel planner, your main responsibility is to design travel itineraries, arrange accommodations and transportation to ensure the safety and satisfaction of your customers. Throughout this process, you may encounter various challenges such as complex cost calculations, cumbersome hotel and flight booking procedures, and inefficient travel itinerary management.

Our Travel Management System provides you with an efficient and powerful platform for planning and organizing your resources for travel and tour arrangements. It manages and processes complex itinerary arrangements, cost calculations, order ticketing, and customer messages. It supports various types of businesses such as group tours, package tours, individual tours, flight and hotel bookings, local tours, and attractions.

System Advantages

Efficient and Organized Workflow

Through clear division of labor, sales, planning, finance, and tour guides can work more systematically and automatically, significantly improving work efficiency. Whether you are a salesperson, planner, operator, or manager, automated handling of repetitive tasks saves time and effectively drives business forward.

Itinerary Template Design and Accurate Pricing Tool

By using the system’s price quoting tool and itinerary template, you can easily select the resources for each product, and the system will automatically calculate the cost and profit for each itinerary, achieving efficient product design and pricing.

Refined Management

By using the system, you can better integrate and manage your tourism resources. You can refine the management of each subdivision resource and product, including tickets, hotels, restaurants, vehicles, tickets, and travel arrangements.

Perfect Control of Itinerary Planning

With the system, you and your distribution partners can easily make reservations for individual, group, or single orders, with automatic matching and processing of changes in different tour dates, packages, prices, and location inventory. At the same time, the system automatically calculates the cost and profit of each order, facilitating payment and statistical operations and achieving efficient planning management.

Intelligent and Orderly Scheduling

The system provides intelligent team scheduling, vehicle seat arrangement, and group management, making cumbersome business management easy and accurate. It automatically generates various styles of confirmation letters, invoices, itinerary lists, etc., and can be exported to EXCEL or printed with one click.

Strict Approval and Accounting Management

Each income and expense is checked item by item, including tour fees, collections, payments, tickets, hotels, meals, vehicles, transportation tickets, other income, other expenses, tour guide arrangements, shopping, and transfer arrangements. Combined with the tour guide accounting function, the data is clear and accurate, eliminating worries about missed accounts, duplicate accounts, or multiple accounts, ensuring the accuracy and completeness of financial data.

Industry-Specific Reports

Provides various business needs including sales reports, commission reports, accounts receivable and payable reports, procurement cost reports, and planning comprehensive reports.

Comprehensive Human Resource Management

Centralized management of employee attendance records, including start and end times, overtime hours, and leave time.The system can automatically record employee attendance data, reducing manual operations and errors, thereby improving the accuracy and efficiency of attendance management.


Human Resources

  • Employee Attendance
  • Holiday Approval
  • Staff Bonuses
  • Automatic Scheduling


  • Borrowing and Requesting Payments
  • Accounts Receivable and Payable
  • Income Reports
  • Supplier Management


  • Cost and Itinerary Settings
  • Tour Design
  • Vehicle Arrangements
  • Group Arrangements


  • Order Management
  • Registration and Reservations
  • Customer Service Surveys
  • Product Inventory

Tour Guide

  • Travel Notices
  • Personnel Assignments
  • Tour Schedules
  • Tour Guide Accounting