Visitor Management System

Make a Great First Impression with Visitor Management System

By utilizing an effective and secure system for monitoring visitors at your facility, you can improve security, simplify signed-in procedures, proper record-keeping, and maintain a high level of professionalism.

unlock features

enhanced Visitor Experience

  • ensuring visitors are informed and prepared
  • ensure visitors understand specific processes, hazards, and risks with customizable content and questions
  • maintain accurate digital visitor logs for audits
real time tracking

Overview all visitors’ status on one screen

Free up your staff by automating visitor sign-in

simple sign-in

Guests can use their own phone or an iPad/Tablet at your reception for a hassle-free sign-in process.

workplace visibility

Enhance workplace visibility and keep track of who has been on your premises.

Up-To-Date records

Ensures up-to-date records that are securely stored, providing a reliable source for emergencies and audits.


Manpower Saving


positive feedback


brand image building

Go Green


Visitor Management System support variety of uses, e.g. Schedule on-site meeting, Training Session, Event Management, Guest Site Visit Tour, etc.

attendance tracking

Overview the attendance record on one screen for multiple locations


Manage your multi-site security with a clear overview of all your visitors in the location group.

Reduce wait times and enhance your customers’ waiting experience.

This option allows you to set an exact time range for blocking entry access

Print professional visitor badges with a customized company logo, QR code, and other relevant information.

Minimize the time your visitors spend on filling out their information. Their appointments will be shown in the Site Visit Calendar.

Support both iPad or Android platform, giving you more options for running the app on your own device.